“General Hospital” Star ANTHONY GEARY Wraps Up 37 Year Run!

Anthony Geary/Photo Credit: Jim Warren
Anthony Geary/Photo Credit: Jim Warren

Today marks the end of an era for “General Hospital” fans, as well as colleagues. Multi-Emmy winning actor Anthony Geary wrapped up his 37 year run on the long running ABC soap. The alphabet network is promoting one last adventure for the Spencer clan as Luke and Laura search for a missing Lucky.

Throughout the years, Geary has played memorable stories as the Spencer patriarch, some of which included the infamous Ice Princess storyline where Luke saved the town of Port Charles from freezing to death. Of course, the most memorable moment was when Luke and Laura got married in November 1981. That episode remains to be the highest rated episode to date for daytime television.

One of my favorite “GH” moments, however, was a scene in 1998 that involved Geary and Jonathan Jackson in his explaining Laura’s rape. That probably had to be an incredible standout moment for both actors.

In the span of his 37 years, Geary also played the role of Luke’s look-alike cousin, Bill Eckert, from 1991-1993. He would eventually begin playing Luke again in October of that year, with Genie Francis’ Laura by his side.

As folks begin to say goodbye to the actor as well as character of Luke, colleagues also took to social media to express their sincere goodbyes:

Vinessa Antoine: Some of my very first scenes were with ‪#‎TonyGeary‬. Today ‪#‎GeneralHospital‬ says bye to 37 years of ‪#‎LukeSpencer‬ . He was so beautiful. Artist. Gentleman. Will miss him.

Tristan Rogers: Today is Tony’s last tape day on GH. Sadly I won’t be there for the goodbye . My day at Y&R is too complex. But I’ll be there in spirit.

Michelle Stafford = that is all…

Greg Vaughan: Mr. Tony Geary, as one of the many whom adore you, your mark is untouchable! It was a privilege & honor to share the stage beside you as a pier, you as my mentor, and my dear friend, but to portray your son in the 21st decade of GH, I will always cherish the memories we created & proud to see you its you ridding off into the the sunset! Yours truly, Cowboy #gregvaughan #tonygeary #generalhospital #abc #lukeandlucky #2003-2009

Maurice Benard: To the legend Tony Geary not just a great actor but a great guy and I’m proud to call him my friend

Laura Wright: I’m so grateful to have been one of your Caroline’s xo

Jason Thompson: Legend.


Geary may have taped his last airshow today, but expect him to still be seen as Luke Spencer for the next several weeks. What are some of your favorite Luke Spencer/Anthony Geary moments from the past 37 years? Drop a comment below.

Here is the scene that features the 9 minute monologue from Anthony Geary as Luke recounts Laura’s rape:

11 thoughts on ““General Hospital” Star ANTHONY GEARY Wraps Up 37 Year Run!

  1. I can’t believe that ! Luke is leaving GH. I have watched them for years. Anthony Geary is a fabulous actor and it’s sad to let him go. He has been the glue of GH. Good luck to you. Good luck in all that you do.

    1. I can’t believe luke is actually leaving I been watching GH for decades and I love watching him on the show.

  2. Wow! I use to love watching GH with Luke and Laura! It was so assume to watch! I hope Anthony Geary tries his hand at other acting! Sure would like to see him on other shows or movies!! Good luck! Going to miss you on the show! Be looking for you on the screen!

  3. I think I have been watching since the beginning, I;am 81 yrs and when I was working I would go home for lunch to see the show and then back to work–I still watch I hope the show is still as good as with Anthony I think he was the glue. Luke an Laura,s wedding was so wonderful,glad she came back for the good by tapping it is wonderful to see them together again,will miss you MR GARY,Good Luck in whatever you will be doing..

  4. I have grown up with Luke and Laura. I have taped, tivoed this show for over 30 years. I came home to watch every day. Anthony I wish you the most life has to offer, and thank you for the wonderful actor you are.

  5. I have watched GH since i was a kis…with my Grandnother…I always liked the Luke storylines…with or without Laura. Glad he is able to go out the way he wants. You will be missed…no one can fill those shoes.

  6. Anthony Geary, you have been spectacular to watch over the years. Thank you for all the memorable moments of “Luke”. Enjoy Act 3 in Holland !

  7. Made my boss leave work early the day of Luke & Laura’s wedding to go to his house to watch it with his wife & 10 other friends but I neglected to tell him why. He ran to the bar after seeing his living room filled with a bunch of cackling women. Then when Scotty caught the bouquet we all screamed. My boss didn’t talk to me for a week.

  8. Many thanks to Mr. Anthony Geary for the years of happy, albeit frustrating at times (!), memories. I started watching General Hospital right at the beginning of the Luke & Laura saga when they danced at Wyndam’s. Although I do think Luke and Holly and Luke and Tracys have been entertaining, nothing can or will ever top Lucas Lorenzo Spencer and his on true love, Laura.
    I will miss you Mr. Geary, I will most definitely miss Luke but I wish you much luck and happiness in your next adventure. End of an era.

  9. ‪#‎LucasLorenzoSpencer‬ ‪#‎TonyGeary‬ brought you to life and bought ‪#‎GH‬ fans to tears. Thank you!!

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