LINDA GRAY to Star in Upcoming Webseries, “WINTERTHORNE”

Linda Gray/Photo Credit: Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic
Linda Gray/Photo Credit: Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

In an exciting announcement made on TRadioV’s “Soapbox with Lilly and Martha,” “DALLAS” star Linda Gray has been added to the cast of the upcoming webseries, “WINTERTHORNE,” created by Michael Caruso of “DeVanity.”

The actress is set to play the role of Joanna Winterthorne, the powerful matriarch of the Winterthorne family, and mother to lead character, Miranda, played by Martha Madison.

Gray is known to many fans for her compelling role of Sue Ellen Ewing on “DALLAS,” which she played on both CBS and revived series on TNT for three more seasons. She also starred in the FOX series, “Models, Inc.,” and even made several appearances on the CBS Daytime soap, “The Bold and the Beautiful.”

Madison released a statement on adding Gray to the cast:

“I have so many special memories of watching ‘Dallas’ with my own mother, having Linda play my mother now feels like a full circle moment. It’s incredibly special. I’m ecstatic.”

Series creator and Emmy nominee, Caruso, also released a statement:

“Working with Linda Gray is a dream come true for me. I have been an enormous fan of her work for many years. I think she’s going to be brilliant in the role.”

“WINTERTHORNE” begins production in late March for three weeks. Among Gray, Madison, and Caruso, other stars who will be joining the cast include: Gordon Thomson and Josh Thrower.

Follow “WINTERTHORNE” on Twitter at: @WINTERTHORNE1.

One thought on “LINDA GRAY to Star in Upcoming Webseries, “WINTERTHORNE”

  1. I’m so happy for Linda Gray she deserves this and much, much more!

    I was an extra on the set of Dallas in 2013/2014 for Season 2&3 and let me tell you something Linda Gray is a class act all the way. I was in a scene with Linda and “For that particular scene I had to submit an acting video to the director and I was chosen to work with Linda Gray and Brenda Strong that whole day” between filming Linda Gray walked around the room and thanked every extra on the set for being in the scene.

    Finally it was my turn to meet Linda Gray “I was nervous” because she was such an iconic legend and I grew up watching her on Dallas and there I was working on set with her” she walked over to me and said hello then she hugged me and told me thanks for being here today…I started crying she asked me what’s wrong I told her never in a million years that they would reboot Dallas and that I would ever get a chance to meet you..

    She then hugged me again and said I some glad you where a fan of the original Dallas and I’m so glad to be working with you and then she said I’ll be on set all day if you need anything, I mean anything please come and get me I told her Ok…..I’ve interviewed and worked with lots of celebrities Linda Gray was the most down to earth humbled person that I’ve ever worked with.

    And to top it off when we took a lunch break and were bused over to a secret location for the best food ever! All the extras sit down at one table together then here come Patrick Duffy he comes and join us for lunch and laughed and talked to us like we were family 🙂 I thought to myself I’m not going to cry again in front of Bobby Ewing aka Patrick Duffy…he was just as humbled as Linda Gray was both of them are Iconic Legends and very Classy and Humbling people.

    I wrote about working with them on my blog! they both touched my heart dearly!

    Latrice Butts

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