“General Hospital” Teasers: Week of February 2

GH Logo
GH Logo

Here is a brief look at what’s ahead for the residents of Port Charles next week on “General Hospital”:

-Ava, Julian, Sonny and Franco are derailed. Sam lays into Jake. Fluke relishes in the fact of what is about to take place to the guests aboard the Haunted Star.

-Jake has another memory. Ava begs for help. Franco does the unthinkable for Nina.

-Franco and Nina strike a pact. An unlikely hero emerges. The guests of the Haunted Star are in danger. Will they be saved in time?

-Alexis becomes worried about Julian. Morgan and Lauren are taken aback from recent information. Sabrina returns home to unexpected guests.

-Sonny gets a sudden surprise. Nathan goes to Obrecht for expertise. Sloane arrives with some unwelcome news.

“General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC Daytime.

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