Derek Theler & Melissa Peterman to Appear on “General Hospital”

Melissa Peterman and Derek Theler/Photo Credit: Steve Mack/FilmMagic
Melissa Peterman and Derek Theler/Photo Credit: Steve Mack/FilmMagic

Previously reported, ABC Daytime’s “General Hospital” and ABC Family’s “Baby Daddy” will be having a crossover event. Kelly Monaco (Sam McCall) will be appearing on the sitcom as an overzealous version of herself. Now, some of the sitcom stars will be making their way to Port Charles.

Derek Theler (Danny Wheeler) and Melissa Peterman (Bonnie Wheeler) will be crossing over to “GH” in a special Valentine’s Day themed episode, according to EW. The entertainment website released the info as to what’s to take place:

“When Olivia (Lisa LoCicero) has a surprise visitor from her Bensonhurst days, Melissa Santoro Picard (Peterman), it quickly becomes clear that Olivia is upset on V-day because she’s carrying a torch for Ned… who is carrying a torch for Alexis… who is carrying a torch for Julian. (Soaps, right?) Melissa sets out to give Ned a piece of her mind over the way he’s treated Olivia and is surprised to find a familiar face working at the Quartermaines’.

Meanwhile, Dr. Patrick Drake (Jason Thompson) is called to consult on a case at the last minute, delaying his date at the Metro Court with Sam (Monaco). His colleague, Derek (Theler), also happened to be stood up by his date, so he keeps Sam company, and the two discover the true meaning of Valentine’s Day.”

Look for Kelly Monaco to appear on “Baby Daddy” on February 4 on ABC Family, while Melissa Peterman and Derek Theler will appear on “General Hospital” on February 13 on ABC.

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