Podcast #579: JEWEL Chats “The Sing-Off” and Working with Kelly Clarkson!


Four-time Grammy nominee Jewel has definitely proven herself to be an inspiration for many. Proven to be a successful musician, one thing that the artist has never lost sight of is how her fans have been an incredible driving force. She is returning to the judge’s chair for a special holiday edition of “The Sing-Off,” hosted by Nick Lachey. Joining her is returning judge Shawn Stockman (Boyz II Men) and Fall Out Boy frontman Patrick Stump. Jewel spoke with us about Stump joining them as well as the show as a whole:

“He’s great, and he is a great judge. He’s also a fantastic singer. I also love this show. We’re a nerd show, but I love us. It has the biggest heart. The contestants are so sweet. We’re like the glee club kids. We’re just completely nerdy about music. As judges, we get to be very specific in our feedback, and very musical. I’m really proud the networks let us do that. There’s no generalized, ‘Hey, yo, you just didn’t bring it.’ The word, ‘pitchy,’ gets thrown out way too many times for things like this. It’s very specific, and I think, as a contestant, it is the kind of show I would love to be on.”

While Jewel is currently working on a new album, which is a bookend to the “Pieces of You” album, she recently released a “Greatest Hits” in 2013, featuring a re-cut version of one of her popular songs, “Foolish Games.” This edit features a duet with Kelly Clarkson, and we spoke about what it was like performing with her:

“It’s a great version! Kelly sings her little tail off. I just love Kelly. She’s just as lovely in person. I also am a fan of her voice. We were actually in Nashville together, and thought it would be really cool to record this song together. I also recorded ‘You Were Meant for Me’ with the Pistol Annies, which is Miranda Lambert’s side project band, who are really great.”

So, which song was one of Jewel’s most popular downloaded songs…which, ironically, surprised both of us? What does she have to say to the fans who have supported her over the years? And, did you know her family is featured on a reality show?

We talk all this and more with Jewel on the full podcast!

The special holiday edition of “The Sing-Off” airs on Wednesday, December 17th at 9/8c on NBC.

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