Podcast 538: “DAYS OF OUR LIVES” Extravaganza Part 2: Chrishell Stause, Galen Gering & Eric Martsolf!

NBC Daytime‘s Emmy Award winning drama, “Days of our Lives,” will be celebrating its 48th Anniversary on November 8, 2013, and this weekend marks the return of the “Day of DAYS” event at Universal Citywalk in California. We got the chance to speak with some of the actors to celebrate the occasion in a special two-part “DAYS” extravaganza.

Chrishell Stause & Galen Gering/Photo Credit: Steven Bergman
Chrishell Stause & Galen Gering/Photo Credit: Steven Bergman

Chrishell Stause and Galen Gering, who play Jordan and Rafe, joined us for probably one of the most comical interviews we ever had with the two. While Rafe still may not remember certain details about his past, Jordan has certainly been by his side, much to Kate’s (Lauren Koslow) chagrin. One thing is for certain..in the soap world, there is bound to be some type of mystery that will unfold about the character of Jordan, since we know nothing about her backstory. Stause teased a little bit about that:

“I believe it just came out on the air, but nothing came up for a ‘Jordan Ridgeway’ before a certain period of time. So, I think it was already said that something was going on, but ‘Jordan Ridgeway’ didn’t exist until a certain time ago. She’s either going by a different name, or she’s someone else. As far as her backstory, I can’t say because it is a big story point.”

Gering also chimed in on working with his two leading ladies:

“They’re both a lot of fun. Obviously, with different characters, it is different relationships. Honestly, it continues to be great as we are filming four months ahead. As the story continues to develop, unravel, and mysteries come to light, we will see some great twists and turns happening.”

We talked more with Chrishell and Galen about the Jordan/Rafe relationship, and what fans can expect at Universal Citywalk for “Day of DAYS.”

Follow Galen Gering on Twitter: @galengering; and Chrishell Stause: @Chrishell7.

Eric Martsolf/Photo Credit: NBC
Eric Martsolf/Photo Credit: NBC

Eric Martsolf plays the role of Brady Black, and is he in for a rude awakening. What is supposed to be the greatest day of Brady’s life will turn into his worst nightmare. How will Brady react to the bombshell he had to witness? Martsolf gave us some insight:

“This is coming out, whether Brady likes it or not, and it will have deep ramifications for him and everyone around. It is going to go off in a way that ‘DAYS’ is certainly famous for, and I’m excited for it. (laughs) Let me stroke the writers here for a second. This is where they really done a great job. They create these complex scenarios where there isn’t a right or a wrong, or one unabomber sticking out blowing everybody up. There’s blame on equal corners, so everyone shares it, so to speak, and it continues. As to how Brady is going to react, it’s interesting. Who is he going to be the most upset about? When this bomb goes off, what happens down the road is very interesting. The relationships will not only change, but we could see some falter, or become stronger.”

When Brady returned to the town of Salem, he certainly went down a dark path, and continues to struggle with addiction. With the recent events that took place, will Brady go down that road yet again?

“We’re going to find out that chemicals and alcohol aren’t the only things Brady, the addict, pursues. The show investigates how much of addict this guy really is. It dives into other realms besides substances. There is a slight little teaser there.”

We spoke more with Eric about the return of John Black, played by Drake Hogestyn, and what can fans expect from their father/son relationship.

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For those in the Los Angeles area, make sure to visit Universal Citywalk this Saturday, November 9, for the return of the “Day of DAYS” event, beginning at 10 AM PT. The event is free, and see many, if not all, of your favorite “Days of our Lives” stars take part in a Q&A session, photograph, and autograph session.

If you missed Part 1 of our “DAYS” Extravaganza, visit: http://rdsn.net/buzz/2013/11/07/podcast-537-days-of-our-lives-extravaganza-part-1-arianne-zucker-lauren-koslow-kate-mansi/

To download the full podcast with Chrishell Stause, Galen Gering, and Eric Martsolf, click on the player below:

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