Podcast #567: TV Music Composer DAN LICHT

Dan Licht
Dan Licht

Dan Licht is a television music composer whose work was heard on the SHOWTIME original series, “Dexter.” Currently, his music is heard on the Sundance TV series, “The Red Road.” The series, which was renewed for a six-episode second season, centers around Officer Harold Jensen (Martin Henderson) and his reluctant partner Phillip Kopus (Jason Momoa).

“I did score all of the first season, and coming back for the second. The first season was very rushed, but this coming season, we have a lot more time. I’m looking forward to having a little more luxury of scoring each episode.”

Aside from scoring the episodes on “Dexter,” Licht actually performed a few concerts at Largo at the Coronet which featured music that was featured in episodes. He spoke with us about how he was able to do this concert special, which was introduced by Michael C. Hall:

“‘Dexter’ was not done with a huge orchestra. It was kind of done with a bunch of random instruments. So, I wanted to see if I could put together the music of ‘Dexter’ into a concert series. It was a lot of work. I used to perform live, and now I remember why I stopped. Don’t get me wrong, it was great. I enjoyed it. However, as a way to make a living, it’s not as easy as what I do now. It’s funny, I did a shorter performance at the final eighth season wrap party. Now, I hadn’t done this in a couple of years, and I am using a knife as a percussion instrument with a sharpening tool. When I was doing it a couple years back, I would sharpen the dull side of the knife, not the sharp side. I had forgotten to turn it around, and it was kind of dark. So, I cut my finger. The whole party was set up in blood splatter, from the floors to the walls. I had to play the main title and a few other things, and my finger was still bleeding. Everyone thought it was a prop and a gimmick, and I said, ‘Nope, I really cut my finger.'”

We spoke more with Licht about working on “Children of the Corn II” and heading to Comic-Con for the “Behind the Music” special.

Visit Dan’s official website at: http://www.danlicht.com/

Download the full podcast with Dan Licht below:

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