Daytime Emmy Award Interviews: “General Hospital” Head Writer RON CARLIVATI

Ron Carlivati
Ron Carlivati

The 41st Annual Daytime Emmy Awards took place on Sunday, June 22, 2014 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, CA. The BUZZ attended the ceremony and spoke to some of today’s hottest stars in daytime.

Ron Carlivati serves as the head writer of the ABC Daytime soap, “General Hospital.” The show has been on the upswing within the past year, but the show did not manage to get the top nods for “Best Writing” (which I thought it deserved) and “Best Show.” Carlivati shared with us his thoughts on the recognition “GH” did not receive:

“I think our episode stacked up against everything else that was submitted. I watched the submissions, and I thought all of them were worthy. However, I felt “GH” was worthy also. I don’t quite understand that, but I have to accept it. I am here to support all those who were nominated.”

As it was previously teased in our Dominic Zamprogna interview, Carlivati mentions that there could possibly be another adventure story coming up.

“Adventure has always been a part of ‘General Hospital.’ I love doing that stuff. Last year, we did the story with Cassadine Island. So, we do have another adventure coming up in the summer. We’ll see, but I’m looking forward to it.”

We spoke more with Ron Carlivati about what’s ahead for certain characters on the canvas including: Nina Clay and Ava Jerome, “FLUKE” Spencer, and also touched on the Quartermaine family.

Watch the video interview below:

4 thoughts on “Daytime Emmy Award Interviews: “General Hospital” Head Writer RON CARLIVATI

  1. How many times did OLTL lose out during Emmy time under RC/FV, except when RC deservedly won the Emmy for Best Writing when Asa died and Susan Haskell won for Best Actress during the “Rapemance” storyline? IMO, RC/FV need to take a step back and look at what the other shows who actually won submitted for Emmy’s and then take stock of what they did the year before that was just as good, and try to post the correct tapes the next season. OLTL’s Starr Crossed lovers storyline may have been cute for the fans of the couple, but it sure is way too sappy and gooey for an Emmy award in comparison to gripping stories like B&B’s Stephanie’s illness or the most recent child killing story on Y&R, and of course Days is knocking it back with having a gay storyline that is actually about legacy characters that are seen more than once a month!

  2. One last thing, RC’s constant fights with fans that don’t agree or care for his writing or storylines where he is sarcastic and rude probably has a lot to do with Emmy voters ignoring his works. Yes, it is nice for a HW to take the time to tweet with fans, but don’t be surprised at the “crazies” that hate any and everything but what they want on the show when you can simply read their comments, take stock and see if their on target and move on.

  3. Can you put some fresh faces on gh family like mark lawson Kelley missal James scott billy miller bree Williamson Vincent irizarry to the gh family can you bring back Brandon barash back to the show for good and on contract again can you put haley alexis pullow and drew cheetwood Brooklyn rea silzer Jeffery Vincent parise sonya eddy john Lindstrom ryan carnes Kristina Wagner on contracts with the show can change gh opening with all the fresh faces and also can you take off dr o and nina ava brad and levi he’s no good for the show and bad actor and the worst of all I want to see makxie and Nathan to hook up with each others can you help me out thanks

  4. Can you please leave marc anthony Samuel back on contract with the show and john j York im glad that kelly thiebaud is leaving gh for good can you put haley alexis pullow and drew cheetwood Brooklyn rea silzer on contract with the show sonya eddy Jeffery Vincent parise lynn herring ryan carnes you bring some new faces on gh family like mark lawson Kelley missal James scott Natalie hall ricky paull goldin farah fath david Gregory lindsay Hartley Trevor St John can you take off dr o and brad nina heather Franco off my screen for good it’s time to bright things up and new contracts and new opening i dont like all dark and dangerous can you help me out thanks

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