Guy Wilson
Guy Wilson

For the past year, Will Horton has certainly had his fair share of ups and downs. From juggling fatherhood, dealing with the town sociopath, and starting married life, you would think it would take its town on the Salem resident. Guy Wilson currently portrays the role of Will after previous actor, Chandler Massey, left the soap. The actor spoke about stepping up to the plate to play this popular character on NBC’s “Days of our Lives”:

“I would say that there was some, as you say, concern, and I never really felt concerned personally against me or my ability. The character of Will Horton is important to so many people, and I think there was a lot of concern for the integrity of the storyline and character were maintained. In the soap community, at the time, I was relatively unknown. So, I think there was trepidation because people didn’t want anything to be taken away from what Chandler (Massey) had already successfully established. As far as personal animosity, no. Soap fans are very passionate. The amount of support I DID receive was very powerful and meant a lot to me.”

Fans are currently seeing the town of Salem deal with the death of Nick Fallon (Blake Berris). As the list of suspects grow, expect some of the residents turn to or against one another. Could Will and Sonny, also known to fans as “WilSon,” be facing some trouble ahead? We got some thoughts from Wilson on that front:

“This is a soap, so expect to be some drama. Will and Sonny, as a couple, have a strong foundation. There is so much stability between them as they are able to communicate with one another. Now that said, no relationship in real life or soap opera-dom is immune from stresses. This Nick Fallon situation is unique because it’s not so much of Will or Sonny letting one down. This is sort of an outside force that has uniquely touched both parties. Going forward now, there is going to be some strain. It’s a very dark, haunting strain moving forward because it involves this murder. Without revealing too much, the fact that Will and Sonny have a strong foundation of communication, they are not without the resources to handle the situation. I know that sounds like going around different directions, because what’s coming was exciting to shoot that will air in the next couple weeks.”

The chat doesn’t end there, folks. We also spoke with Guy Wilson about filming the much publicized Will and Sonny wedding, the film “Altergeist,” as well as “DAYS” celebrating a Best Drama Series nomination for the Daytime Emmy Awards.

All that, plus talk of the NFL Draft, can be found in our full podcast with Guy Wilson below.

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