ATX TV Festival Interviews: Chris Brancato & Maurice Compte of MGM+ “Hotel Cocaine”

The Buzz recently attended the 13th season of the ATX TV Festival. Taking place in Austin, TX, this event celebrates the best in television with panel discussions, screenings of current and upcoming programs, and even table readings. What sets it apart from the rest is the opportunity to connect with other TV lovers and appreciate the medium.

We spoke with creator Chris Brancato, and his co-executive producer Maurice Compte, about the new MGM+ series, “Hotel Cocaine.” Compte spoke about bringing to life a series that centers around his father, Roman Compte. While some parts of the series were added, as Roman did not have a brother named Nestor Cabal, Maurice mentioned how he could hear his father speaking when he was watching Danny Pino as Roman speak. We also got to ask if they had any concerns about the series being picked up due to the writers and actors strikes, and Brancato spoke on about if he had any reservations. The show went on hiatus due to the strikes and was able to complete the season once it was lifted.

“Hotel Cocaine” premieres this Sunday, June 16th, on MGM+.

Watch the video interview below:

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