Podcast #603: Music Composer FIL EISLER!

(l-r) Mark Renk (composer), Kim A. Snyder (director), Maria Cuomo Cole (producer), Fil Eisler (composer) Christopher Drake (composer)/Photo Credit: CW3PR
(l-r) Mark Renk (composer), Kim A. Snyder (director), Maria Cuomo Cole (producer), Fil Eisler (composer) Christopher Drake (composer)/Photo Credit: CW3PR

Music composer Fil Eisler rose to fame with his scores from the hit television series, “Revenge.” His compositions can be heard on several current programs, including, “unREAL,” and “Empire.” Aside from his television credits, Eisler has some movie compositions under his belt, which include the recently released, “How to Be Single.”

While currently on a new movie project, Eisler did work on the documentary, “Newtown,” which centered around the Sandy Hook shooting. He managed to bring 17 composers together for this magnificent piece which premiered at Sundance, and soon SXSW. We spoke with Eisler about the film:

“The thing about this movie is that it is incredibly hopeful. It’s not necessarily a political movie. People who hold maybe another point of view about this, it doesn’t fit the sort of left wing, or whatever you want to call it, profile. It’s a movie about healing and community. I think it’s a movie that is intended to bring people in the middle for the sake of discussion. It doesn’t preach to the choir or anyone else.”

Eisler continued:

“The fact is, everybody who worked on this movie on the music side donated the services for free. Everyone gave their royalties away. It’s all going to charity. We all decided that it was better that way, creatively, too. It leveled the playing field as the ego got taken out of it. If you think about it, I brought together 17 people who normally compete for the same gigs!”

Download the full podcast with Fil Eisler below, where he also left a message to the fans of “Revenge,” as people continue to love and support the show since its cancellation.

Follow Fil Eisler on Twitter at: @fileisler. You can also find him on his official Instagram page at: @fileislermusic.

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