Matthew Ashford Set to Return to “Days of our Lives”

Matthew Ashford

Matthew Ashford

It’s the return that many “Days of our Lives” have been clamoring for. TV Insider’s Michael Logan reported that Matthew Ashford to the NBC Emmy-Winning soap. The actor was last seen in 2012, when Jack Devereaux was killed in an elevator crash. Right now, details on Ashford’s return are being kept under wraps.

As of now, it does not appear that a Jack/Jennifer reunion will be in the works. However, Ashford is set to return to work this week to film his five-episode arc.

Look for Matthew Ashford back on your screens in spring 2016.

One thought on “Matthew Ashford Set to Return to “Days of our Lives”

  1. I would rather Matthew Ashford as Jack Deveraux come back alive and reunite with his brother Steve and Adrienne and his kids, I do not want Jack back with Jennifer if she already in a relationship with someone else I do not want Jack to fight for her anymore if she does not a brain or heart telling her that Jack died so many times really believing he is really gone this time then she does not deserve Jack at all I do not want Jack to be her lapdog anymore either. We want the dark-side snarky Jack not the goofy or grandpa Jack either, Jack can stand alone have his own story-line without Jennifer he is more interesting than her, I would love to see Jack and Nicole or Jack and Greta or awhile before he can commit to Jennifer again and let her be one to win him back.

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