Podcast #574: CCH Pounder of CBS’ “NCIS: New Orleans”

CCH Pounder

CCH Pounder

CCH Pounder is one of the most powerful, versatile actresses to date. She can be currently seen on the new CBS series, “NCIS: New Orleans,” as Dr. Loretta Wade. Of course, Pounder has a resume of television series under her belt that she has either guest or regularly starred in. Known to many for her role on “The Shield,” she also had recurring roles on “Warehouse 13” and “Sons of Anarchy.”

Pounder spoke with us about doing the new show in the “NCIS” franchise, filming in New Orleans, and why it is different that the others:

“I think this show will be very successful because there is something about it that reminds me of ‘The Shield,’ in terms that people come to work TO work. You are doing a part of a franchise, and it is still ‘NCIS.’ You still have the criminal investigation, and that aspect won’t change. Why have another was my question in the beginning. Then, I had to break it down. If we are willing to tell stories, if they are different, the types of people are different, the region/city where you are are different, then you have an opportunity to welcome us into your living rooms by the familiarity of the name. Once you start to see the story, you will see different people. I’m not saying different situations, but certainly different people. Once you individualize like that, then you have a new story on your hands. New Orleans has, without a doubt, has been the biggest character in our story.”

One of the aspects and dynamics that we touched on with Pounder was seeing the influx of strong, sophisticated and intelligent women who are leads. Not just strong women, but strong African-American women.

“Because you are going to be seeing more of this, actors who have dedicated their lives to this kind of upliftment in terms of the characters that you put out there. You’re not playing the crazy grandmother who is selling crack on the side. I remember at the beginning of my career, my character sold my child for crack. I was also held hostage by some crazy husband, and involved in these dastardly situations. Television is so powerful that you are actually teaching. You are sending out beats like, ‘This is the way they are. This is how we see them.’ If you don’t have these fantastic, positive characters that let you know there are other choices where people are like this and like that. What you sacrifice as an actor is the permission to play a lawless jackass. (laughs)”

We spoke more with CCH Pounder about seeing the strong woman on the screen, life in New Orleans, and food. You cannot discuss New Orleans without discussing food, and we got into it…elastic pants and all. However, to hear the rest, you have to download the full podcast!

Fans can catch CCH Pounder on “NCIS: New Orleans” every Tuesday night at 9 PM ET on CBS.

Also, follow the actress on Twitter at: @CCHPounder.

To download the full podcast with CCH Pounder, click on the player below:

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