“DAYS OF OUR LIVES” Producer to Launch Digital Soap Network



If you had asked any soap expert or fan about the current state of soaps several years ago, their first response would be, “It’s a dying medium.” Now, soaps are not only rejuvenated in the television market, but expanding online. With the production of several soap web series shows, why not come up with a network to broadcast new and upcoming digital soap content? Now, it looks to be taking effect very soon.

Variety is reporting that Corday Productions, which produces the long-running NBC Daytime soap, “Days of our Lives,” is teaming up with All Screen Media to launch NetSoaps/Net Novelas: a digital soap opera network containing original “interactive” online soap opera content that lets the fans, advertisers, and thespians take part in a shows’ development. The digital network will focus on many multilingual soaps from the U.S., Latin America and Brazil.

Along with Ken Corday, CEO of Corday Productions, executive in charge of production, Greg Meng, will play an active role in the development of online portals that will engage consumers and actors in the creation of content, online casting, and acting auditions. Actors will have the chance to upload their video reels online.

Daytime Emmy Award winning actress, Crystal Chappell, is also on-board with the new venture. From her prominent roles on “Guiding Light,” “One Life to Live,” and “Days of our Lives,” Chappell would launch and create the Emmy winning web series, “VENICE,” and soon after, “The Grove,” and “Beacon Hill.” Chappell will work with the network provide concepts, produce and direct original content, and mentor up and coming talent.

Corday released a statement to Variety:

“This new venture is about taking the passion consumers have for soaps and novelas into a new era. This will be original content that the fans will play a role in green lighting and casting, delivered in a form that can build devoted communities of fans in the digital space.”

NetSoaps/Net Novelas plans to launch in the third quarter of 2014. Look for more information at THE BUZZ when it becomes available.


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