Former “GL” and “OLTL” Star Crystal Hunt Charged with Felony Assault

Crystal Hunt

Crystal Hunt

Soap actress Crystal Hunt was charged with a felony assault with a deadly weapon, according to a report by TMZ. Hunt allegedly smashed a glass in a woman’s face in a bar fight.

The news of the felony charges stems from the December 13th report when Hunt was arrested after getting into an altercation with a woman at Pearl’s Liquor Bar in West Hollywood, CA. The alleged victim was injured, and needed medical assistance.

Hunt claims she acted in self-defense and the other woman harassed her. However, if Hunt is convicted, she could face up to four years in prison.

Soon after, TMZ released an update on the situation. According to Hunt’s lawyer, the alleged victim appeared intoxicated and instigated the fight first. Crystal only meant to throw water in her face, but the glass slipped out of her hand.

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