Podcast #590: Elisha Cuthbert of NBC’s “One Big Happy”

Elisha Cuthbert

Elisha Cuthbert


Elisha Cuthbert stars as Lizzy on the NBC sitcom, “One Big Happy.” The premise of the show is that Lizzy, who is a lesbian, and best friend Luke (Nick Zano) decide to raise a family together. The catch is that Luke winds up getting together with Prudence (Kelly Brook) and marries her before she has to go back to England, on the cusp of Lizzy breaking the news that she is actually pregnant.

The season finale of the show airs tonight, and Cuthbert teased with us just a little about what is ahead for the conclusion of the two-part finale:

“The two-part finale started last Tuesday, where Luke leaves and Prudence doesn’t know where he went. Obviously, in the season finale, Lizzy and Prudence attempt to find him and get him back home to resolve everything. It’s a really sweet ending to this short first season, and will definitely leave some fun room for us to go into a second season if we’re lucky enough to do so.”

Cuthbert also spoke with us about how the role of Lizzy fell into place for her:

“I got to give all the credit to Nick Zano. We worked together on ‘Happy Endings’ for a year, and got to know each other. Then, he became attached to ‘One Big Happy’ and they were looking for the ‘Lizzy’ character. Zano brought my name up, and everyone was really excited about it. I came in, read the script, and thought it was funny and different from what I played before. Her comedy is from a different point of view. I was coming off of ‘Happy Endings’ and played a ditzy character. Lizzy’s humor is goofy, but also clever and intelligent. So, yes, Nick was very instrumental in getting me the part.”

Before being cast on “Happy Endings” and “One Big Happy,” Cuthbert was seen on the hit FOX series, “24.” When the show was revived as “24: Live Another Day,” Cuthbert’s character was not in the series. She spoke with us on if she was approached to return and if she would go back if it were to appear again:

“It’s a tough character to write for. When they first discovered her, she was very young. This was Jack Bauer’s daughter in peril. Cut to ten years later, we didn’t really understand her. I don’t think the writers felt like there was a place for her. I definitely did tot feel any insult by it. I think when you write a character and it enhances the show, it makes sense. However, if it doesn’t bring anything to the table, there is no point to mess with it. If they find a way to write her into it at some point, I would go back and do it. I told them as such. If it makes sense for them, then I am there.”

As I was unaware she was on the kid’s series, “Are You Afraid of the Dark,” we spoke with Cuthbert about that and how fans still talk about “Happy Endings.”

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Also, watch the season finale of “One Big Happy” tonight at 9:30 PM on NBC.

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